Water proof connectors use metal shell






Our water proof connectors use metal shell have FQ/FQC/FQN/FQX/FS1/FX16 etc.They use metal shell,so they have the advantage of high strength,corrosion resistance,anti-aging.You can select the right one you need as IP67 or IP68 grade.






FQ series water tight connectors

FQ series have FQ14,FQ18,FQ24,FQ30 series.IP67 water proof,Use dia casting shells,cheap cost.

FQC series high quality connectors

FQC series can interchange with FQ series.FQC series use machining parts shell,FQC series is expencive than FQ series.IP67 water proof.

FQX series IP68 grade connectors

FQX series use machining shells.Thread connecting.

IP68 water proof-Under water 4m,4 hours.

FQN series water tight connectors

FQN series use machining shells,bayonet coupling,IP67 water proof. FQN14,FQN18,FQN24,FQN30.

FS1 series water proof connector

The connectors of series FS1 are available with 2-8 contacts, screw coupling,can
interchange with Amphenol C 091 A /B/D & Binder 423 series.Meet DIN45326 standard.
All connectors of series FS1 are EMI protected and IP67 water proof. Main applications for
FS1 connectors are industrial controls, data processing, instrumentation, medical devices,
telecommunication network and equipment, plus outdoor and marine application.Cable
connector main applications for 3G/4G/5G, Tower Mounted Amplifier, Base Stations.CE
proved.UL certificate:E308558



FX16 series water proof connectors

FX16 series use dia casting shells ,they are small,cheap cost.FX16 have 3,4,5,7,9 pins. IP67 water proof.